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Did someone say Responsive Email Templates?

Yesterday we told you all about the Email Marketing work you can do to for 2017 and gave you some tips about trends and how to stay on top. We figured what good are those tips if you have nothing to try them out with?

So we put together our first Friday Freebie.

This is a collection of Responsive Email Templates provided by our friends at Litmus. We’ve tried ’em, tested ’em and love ’em. We think you will too!

In case you missed our post, Responsive Emails mean emails that look fantastic no matter what device they are viewed on! Since most people open their email on a mobile platform of some sort, this is really really really (did we mention… really?) important!

These templates are solid, built well and will do the job; but like any framework, it takes more than that. Even a good solid house feels better when you let a professional decorator handle the custom details.
So play around with these templates and if you want some professional custom support, let us know!

Have fun!

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