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Did someone say Responsive Email Templates?

Yesterday we told you all about the Email Marketing work you can do to for 2017 and gave you some tips about trends and how to stay on top. We figured what good are those tips if you have nothing to try them out with?

So we put together our first Friday Freebie.

This is a collection of Responsive Email Templates provided by our friends at Litmus. We’ve tried ’em, tested ’em and love ’em. We think you will too!

In case you missed our post, Responsive Emails mean emails that look fantastic no matter what device they are viewed on! Since most people open their email on a mobile platform of some sort, this is really really really (did we mention… really?) important!

These templates are solid, built well and will do the job; but like any framework, it takes more than that. Even a good solid house feels better when you let a professional decorator handle the custom details.
So play around with these templates and if you want some professional custom support, let us know!

Have fun!

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Send Tastier Emails Thu, 02 Feb 2017 23:38:00 +0000 The post Send Tastier Emails appeared first on Delish Agency.


The end of 2016 brought a lot of tasty changes to email. Gmail made huge strides with their various email clients by making the decision to support media queries and embedded styles. Outlook shocked everybody when they decided to truly engage with the email community by opening a channel for feedback to help improve their products. Interactive email has become the new bling that every marketer wants to add to their campaigns, but remains challenging to implement.

So now that 2017 has rolled in, how should you make sure you’re not sending tasteless emails? Let’s run down the list.


It’s okay to party like it’s 1999, but don’t code like it! We’re seeing more advanced coding techniques as more mobile clients offer HTML support, so take advantage of the uprise and start getting creative! Web and mobile clients are easy to update, so big moves like Gmail’s update will happen surprisingly fast.

Clients like Outlook, however, will continue to hold back email development for a little while longer. That delay stop the flood of new techniques and more engaging emails. Thankfully, Microsoft has already shown interest in fixing some of the issues with Outlook so coding for Outlook should become a thing of the past!


Hyper personalization was a powerful tactic with a growing number of followers in 2016 and the returns for a carefully personalized email can be staggering! Most consumers today expect experiences that are tailored just for them, content that looks fantastic and applies to their specific interests.

If you’re ready to go beyond creating basic email audiences based on bland shared characteristics, dynamic content is the next level when it comes to personalization. With dynamic content, you can send one campaign, one time that is optimized and targeted to every single user by leveraging subscriber data and behavior. While you should still leverage these two tactics, there’s a new kid on the block named Big Data and he’s about to change the email game when it comes to relevancy.

Before, people knew about Big Data, but not how to apply it. Now, with these companies and technology, sending the right email, at the right time, to the right person isn’t a pipe dream anymore; it’s a reality. Not only does sending more relevant email help with conversions, it will also help with your inbox placement!

Email certainly isn’t dead, but batch and blast sure is.


In 2016, mobile has dominated the web views; in website visits and emails. This means that marketers must create an incredible mobile experience, from the subject line to the landing page. As the market share of mobile continues to grow in 2017, businesses and email marketers need to invest in mobile rendering now to pay off din the future.

So how do you make your emails irresistible on mobile?

Use media queries to make sure your layout and font size fit the screen perfectly. For most users, media queries should now work in the Gmail app as well!
If you’re worried about your email not being responsive everywhere, try fluid hybrid design instead. It can be a bit of a challenge to get used to, but it creates fluid layouts in every device and app.


Good email production takes a huge amount of time when you build from scratch over and over. Instead, find a recipe you love and just modify it each time. Build and test a few trusty templates then reuse them as much as you need them. For a more flexible approach, consider switching to modular design. This technique can save you loads of time while allowing for some flexibility in the design of your emails. With modular design, each content block can be coded as a standalone “partial” or chunk of code. Then you can drop any number of these chunks into the “frame” of the email in any order. This lets you mix and match content blocks on the fly to create the look you need for each email.


Hey, unsubscribes happen. Don’t beat yourself up about it! You don’t want to keep disengaged readers on your list so make sure your unsubscribe link is clear and easy to find at the bottom of the email. Not only is this link illegal to hide, but it’s just an added frustration for users.

If you’re able to create one, a preference center is an even better option to present customers with. Preference centers truly put the power of choice back in the hands of the readers. This allows them to stay in touch on mailings they want to receive but unsubscribe from those they aren’t interested in any more.

Hard as it might be to part with a few contacts on your list, a period reengagement campaign is an excellent way to trim dead weight from the list and improve metrics across the board. Just segment out those readers who haven’t opened or clicked an email for a few months and send them a campaign to confirm they want to remain on your list.

Use these tips to make 2017 work for you! Email marketing is the best way to nurture, grow and engage your clients!

If you want help, please let us know. We love to help create delicious inbox treats!

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Video in Social Marketing – 2017 Fri, 20 Jan 2017 22:25:25 +0000 The post Video in Social Marketing – 2017 appeared first on Delish Agency.



as we go running full steam into 2017, we’ve been bombarded with information about what we can expect in marketing trends. what have we discovered? Video, video every where. here are the results of a survey from 49 marketers and consumers, which detail exactly what’s going to happen with video and social media this year.

Facebook Live

78% of businesses that have used Facebook Live said it was an effective marketing tool.

Facebook Live is a fantastic new trend, it’s so versatile, and instantly connects you with your audience. You don’t even need a fully defined plan, Live lets you connect with the people who care most. Your followers can receive notifications when you go live so they know to tune in to your broadcasts at just the right time.

And it’s free! No marketing budget, just hit live and Facebook does the work for you. It’ll send out push notifications to your audience, notifying them that you’re live – which of course encourages more people to watch it.

Tell fans when you’re broadcasting ahead of time.
Build anticipation by letting your audience know when you’ll be going live with a written post. We’ve found one day’s notice gives people the right amount of time to tune in.


85% of businesses that have used Instagram video said that it was an effective marketing tool.

Instagram recently rolled out the live video feature, same as Facebook, which means you can now do live broadcasts. However, on Instagram, once the stream’s finished it’ll disappear. For marketers, this is still a beneficial feature to utilize. Spend some time taking part in Instagram live stream videos, ask questions and wait for a response from the host. It makes the viewer feel part of a community, and because it won’t stick around forever, it almost feels like exclusive viewing.

It’s easy to go live — just swipe right from feed to open the camera, tap the “Start Live Video” button and start sharing for up to an hour. Your friends may get a notification when you go live so they can tune in. While you’re live, you can pin a comment for everyone to see or turn comments off altogether.

When a close friend or regular customer shows up as a viewer on your Instagram Live video, make sure to give that friend or customer a shoutout and ask a question that proves your connection, like, “Hey Marta! How’s your goldfish doing?” It makes that person feel special and lets everyone else know you’re a real person with real friends and customers you care about. It humanizes you and also lets people see how well you treat your customers.

What does this mean for you?

Take advantage of this new trend! With Facebook Live and Instagram Video, you don’t need to put a lot of money into production, just pick a time, let your audience know and Go Live!

We can help. Send out posts the day before and the day of to let your audience know, make sure comments and questions are managed and then take the time to respond to your audience afterwards, ensuring you know what your audience wants to see next time!

should we talk?

maybe over coffee?

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